Thank you so much for the use of your kitchen set when we stayed Little River Lake cabin, The set was everything we needed. You have a great business and I would recommend you to anyone that goes up there. It was so fun to spend the day with Dean on the float down the river. Once again Thank you so much. 

Cal and Sharon Peterson

​ I wanted to THANK YOU again for the outstanding service and supplies provided to us during our recent hunt.  I have to admit I was a little nervous about renting equipment for the hunt which we were undertaking.  I quickly learned that we had nothing to worry about as you had obviously put a lot of time and effort into ensuring our equipment was in good running order.  To top it off, you even had it delivered to and picked up from our air taxi. Your customer service was top notch and hassle free!  I will absolutely utilize your services again on my next Kodiak adventure!
All the best,

Bosco Baldwin


Thanks for the outstanding customer service!  The Kodiak Condo tents held up to extremely high winds and didn't let in a drop of water.  I was skeptical about the bear fence, but after we had meat hanging I was VERY glad to have it.  All your gear was clean and top notch, hope I get the chance to rent from you again!

Ryan Booher

Hey Dan,

All the equipment that we used worked perfectly. The tent was the right size for the two of us with cots. There was plenty of room to store our gear. We never did use the table you guys provided for us because we thought it would make it difficult to move around the tent. As for the tent keeping us dry I really can't provide too much feedback because somehow we managed not to get rained on for more than 5 min over the whole week we were there. 

Thanks Pat

Kim and Dan,

Renting a camp from Kodiak Kamps is the only way to go when hunting in Kodiak! Thanks to Kodiak Kamps I stayed dry, warm, and worry free on my recent brown bear hunt. All of the equipment was durable, reliable, and well maintained.  Thanks to Kim and Dan we were well stocked with our kitchen kit, safe from bears when they traveled into our camp twice (bear fences really do work), and warm when the weather started to turn. Not to forget that Kim let us use a shovel, bucket, and dome tent for free... All things we were very thankful to have in the field! Thanks again Kim and Dan for going above and beyond with the customer service! You helped make it a trip of a lifetime!

Sarah Lutz - Anchorage, AK

Kim and Dan,

Thanks again for the boat rental on my Kodiak Bear hunt this spring. Sending you pictures of the impressive bear we harvested. Not having a lot of experience with inflatable style boats, I was pleasantly surprised how easy the boat was to assemble and operate. I'm convinced that having one of your boats to get around the lake was a big factor in the success of our hunt. Your service was outstanding and the process of checking in/out was hassle free. I look forward to using your services for my next Kodiak adventure. 

Colt High

​Hi Dan and Kim,

James and I really enjoyed our dinner with you!!  The steaks and salmon were certainly a treat for us after a week of freeze dried food.  Thanks for sharing your passion for beachcombing, your treasures are certainly unique, Kim.  I will find a special place for the Japanese net float in my house.  Give Sofie a pet for us.

James and Jan  Hansford

Dan and Kim,
This was another great hunt of the many we've done on Kodiak Island.  Thanks again for hooking us up with top notch equipment.  As usual, you had everything ready to go and even went the extra mile to get us a satellite phone at the last minute.  All the gear worked wonderfully and we were able to weather a couple of brutal storms and get back out on the hunt.  It was a tough hunt but we managed to harvest a couple of goats.  I look forward to coming back to Kodiak year after year...see you next year! 

Jeremy Carlson

 We had an awesome trip and all your gear worked out flawlessly!  Thank you for your assistance and preparation.  Without the boat,  success would have been very difficult.  Thank you!  I'll send you photos and feel free to post them.

 Chris Manion

Hi Dan and Kim,
The gear you provided was everything we could have hoped for. The tent was perfect for the unpredictable Kodiak weather. Boat and motor worked very well and was instrumental in getting us on the fish. When traveling from Denver it is nice to know everything we asked for is ready to go. Looking forward to more trips with you in the future. 

Thanks Leonard Eartle

Thanks Kim and Dan for your friendly and hospitable service.  the SAT phone package your provided for my remote hunt was perfect, compact, waterproof and reliable!  it was great to have that lifeline and ability to contact the air service company and others if need be.  Thanks so much for your flexibility in meeting us at the float plane basin for delivery.  You run a great outfit and I'll definitely be giving you a call next season.

​Josh Boyle

Dan and Kim,

Everything with your rental gear went great! Your stuff was about the only thing that went well all week. The motor always started on the first pull and I couldn't be a more satisfied customer. Although as it turned out, the good fishing ended up being just a few hundred yards up river from the cabin so I just inflated the Zoom and rowed up there. Already thinking of next year, so if you have any ideas or perhaps an Andrew Air adventure you think I might enjoy, please pass them along. Thanks again for all your help and advice! I would happily recommend you guys to anyone in need of your service. 


​Thanks again for meeting us with the phone, etc. Really appreciate the good service.

John Howard

Thanks for all you care and we love to know people like you. With love from our 3 and we hope to meet you again next year. We hope to camp again for about 3 weeks somewhere in the bay of the Katmai Coast and to use your equipment again. Thanks for your stories and welcome to us and for the use of all your material. We were lucky in that big storm at Katmai that we had good stuff with us. We have some pictures of the "Green Bomb Shelter" and will send them to you when we get back to the Netherlands. 

Harry and Rika Dieter

Dan and Kim,

Thanks for the bear fence. We weren't sure how much we would need it, but waking up in the morning to see those big tracks around camp changed our minds. The fence performed just as we had hoped.  We appreciated all the help you gave us. 

Jeremy Vance

I didn't take any pictures, forgot the camera, but the equipment worked as billed and I had zero problems with it. The heater and propane set-up was great. The 8hp motor was fine for the small boat. No missing equipment. The service on arrival was good as usual. Sending you some pictures of my son and I with bears we took at Uganik Lake. Both times we used Kodiak Kamps boats and /or tents and equipment. 

Lowell Anderson

The cook set worked out wonderfully, and I was surprised at how many things you provided for me. I only had about 15-20 min to stop at Wal-Mart and grab supplies and I was in such a rush I thought I grabbed a lighter and it ended up being something else so I was really happy to see you provided a lighter for the stove or I would have been in trouble The fuel and stove really kept me warm at night. Everything was absolutely wonderful and I thank you so much for all of your help. 


Thank you for the raft and kitchen kit rental. There was more than enough of everything in the kitchen kit, the raft and motor were completely reliable. My daughter and I had a great time and your attention to every detail played a large role in the success of our trip.